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Banggood Multi-Foundation Review!

Posted by Stefanie on May 25, 2013 at 7:10 AM Comments comments (2)

Hey guys,

 As many of you know, I'm collaborating with companies through polyvore! Recently I had a collab with banggood and as a gift I picked a beauty product! I was looking for an expensive one cause I thought the more expensive the better! So as I saw the thing on banggood It was saying that it includes 3 bottles of makeup, which was perfect for me. Each of one was 44ml. 

 A few days later and after 10 euros spent at tax service, I received the package! As you see,it has 12 bottles(okay the 2 were missing here since I gave them away)

 I was expecting to give a full coverage to my face, I was wrong but it's still useful as it could be perfectly used as a make up base! Also, I noticed the ingredients,none of them are too hard on the skin and pretty much this is like a bb cream I guess. I compared it with a bb cream's ingredients at banggod website and the ingredients were exactly the same! Also, it could cover some small imperfections or blemishes. 

On the information it says that these creams include vitamin E and C which help and improve skin conditions and control oil.Also It's supposed to protect skin against daily free-radicals.Let me write the pros and cons!


Texture: It is a very lightweight product that feels almost 'wet' when applying despite its thick looking consistency. It smooths out quite easily as it is very liquidy once you apply it.


Pigmentation/Coverage: I would say this is light - medium coverage, leaning toward light. Pigmentation is not amazing, but it does the job. I would say this coverage is as good as any other tinted moisturizer.

Smell: It has a nice smell, I could tell not really heavy but really good! 

Moisturization: This foundation is supposed to moisturize the skin but my skin needs a really good moisturization and I wouldn't wear it for that reason. It gives you the soft feeling but I don't think it benefits the skin, it just makes you feel good. 



  • Cheap
  • Includes 12 bottles,cost all together $21. 
  • Nice package
  • Lovely Smell
  • Perfect make up base
  • Moisturizes the skin,it softens it
  • Long term use evens tone, minimizes the appearance of pores, conceals imperfections.
  • Doesn't give a full coverage
  • Shimmery
  • Doesn't cover all of my scars 

Here are the colors of the cream! You could blend between them to find the perfect match! 
  I blended it a little bit

 Here's the last photo,blending them all together. As you see If you blend them together you might hit the perfect color depending on your skin color! 

Overal rating: 3/5 

Would I buy it again? Well, I have like a dozen of them so no. Enough for the rest of the century,haha

 Do you use bb creams? If yes, what's your favorite one? 

Love always,


Link for the product click here

At the beach

Posted by Stefanie on May 4, 2013 at 3:30 AM Comments comments (0)

 Since it got really hot lately and most of you probably already know that I live in a really hot island (Cyprus) so I get the chance to go earlier at the beach. In many countries it has to be cold at the moment but don't worry, soon enough it's gonna be summer before you know it! My exams start in 2 weeks and I should probably start studying, I realize that postponing it might get me in trouble. I 'm really looking forward for the summer! How's the weather where you live? And what are your plans for summer? I'm personally staying home,trying to chill around in my small city's corners.

Padlocks of Love

Posted by Stefanie on May 3, 2013 at 1:30 PM Comments comments (4)


 This blog post is about padlocks of love. I'm not sure whether you heard or not about padlocks of love. Couples in love, are putting padlocks on the bridge, each one with an engraved message of love.  After locking the love padlock onto the fence, the lovers tossed the keys into the  river – a sign of their eternal love.On this bridge, if the lovers kiss each other, they’ll be happy together ever after! Therefore, many artists, travellers, and students often visit and sit on the bridge. 

Even If it started from Paris, this trend has grown a lot since it's spread all over the world. I personally find it cute and even though you don't end up with the partner, a smile will be drawn on your face a couple of years later , flashbacks of memories will pop in your head while crossing the same place again. Below, I listed 5 locations.


2.Huangshan, China

3. Rome,Italy
4. Prague,Czech Republic
5. Cologne, Germany


White for summer!

Posted by Stefanie on May 2, 2013 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (3)

 By far one of my favorite colors whether it’s eggshell, champagne, magnolia, ivory, or meringue, white is taking over. Lately,I've been buying a lot of white blouses. I'm actually in love with the contrast it makes in summer with tanned skin and since the sun is too hot in Cyprus white clothes don't absorb sun like dark colors.

 It's also so delicate and gives a feminime touch to your outfits. I personally find it really attractive, such an innocent color. There's also that hot trend this year combining black and white. Well,personally it's an okay trend, I have an off-shoulser blouse but white itself is more than perfect! 

Here are some inspirational photos! 

As you see, If you get a little bit tanned, it makes it stand out even more which is also a reason that I like white! What do you think about it? Do you like white clothes or is it boring for you? Of course If you like more complicating things other than simple outfits you could add colorful accessories,giving a fun touch to your outfit, it's totally up to you! Which color do you think is the most ideal in summer-spring 13' ? 

Sheinside Review

Posted by Stefanie on May 1, 2013 at 7:00 AM Comments comments (0)

I recently got some stuff from sheinside cause I cooperate with them through polyvore. I post contests, they offer a voucher for me and the winner! :) So with a $100 I ordered a dress,a chiffon blouse and some shorts!


The dress:

I honestly liked that dress! I have my doubts whether I should wear it out as I have no idea what wear with it! But It was as described and its price was like $30 !! 

Next item was my chiffon blouse! 

Below it's a photo of my top with my high waisted shorts from sheinside as well! They're so awesome,I honestly love these shorts! :) The quality is absolutely perfect!

What's your opinion with SheInside? Did you order from them? Any nice products you've seen there and liked? Also I forgot to mention that shipping took around 3 working weeks but that's just fine!


Review:Clinique Acne Solutions

Posted by Stefanie on February 6, 2013 at 8:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Hey, so this review is about a make up by Clinique. 

At the beginning of school year,I've been stressing through some situations, and It looks like there's a link between stress and acne. So I was freaking out when I had a few pimples and every time I freaked out, it looked like I was getting more pimples! 

I went to derm,2 months ago,gave me some antibiotics and my face is clean, I barely get any new pimples. Till,the time of the month comes and I only got 1 pimple in 2 weeks. So that's perfect. Anyway,let's stuck to the main topic. Since I have some blemishes from the pimples,I felt self conscious when I was going out with friends and I decided it's time to buy a new makeup especially made for acne pron skin so that I won't make things any worse. 

It really gave me a boost of confidence when I applied it, my face looked clean like the old good days. It looks natural on your skin,not too cakey and it doesn't make acne worse. It's a really cover and If you have any acne blemishes,this will work out for you. It doesn't look like you put a lot of makeup on your face and I think I'd purchase it again. The only disadvantage is that a little bit darker than my skin tone, I should have bought a lighter shade and also it's like 30 ml & costs €30!