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7 Day Hair Chart

Posted by Jordan on May 25, 2013 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (8)

Monday:A ponytail 

Classy but it's always a great catch. 

Tuesday:A bun with a bun wrap

The bun is not only a chic hairstyle to show off the face and neck and trendy statement necklaces and embellished collars, but a practical and easy for the busy people! :) 

Wednesday: Fishtail

We can safely say that the fishtail braid or plait is a Beautylish favorite. Whether perfectly neat or purposely messy, the texture and seemingly complicated pattern of this sea-inspired style provide a refreshing visual twist on your typical 3-strand weave.

Thursday:Loose curls 

I totally love loose curls especially making a few braids before bed and when I wake up,I get these lovely loose curls or when I get the time, I use my curling iron!

FridayFrench Braid

The French braid is a beautiful and classic hairstyle. It may appear to look complicated, but the finished effect will be worth the effort.

Saturday:Straight Hair

So Saturday is mainly going out and the day to use the flat iron. It always gives a nice look!

Sunday:  probbaly formal going to church like I do you should have a bun w/ a rose

How to find your perfect swim suit

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Curvy:When you are hips or if you are curvy :You may want to go with a black one piece with a design on the front like embelishments or a bow shape. Black does the trick and makes you look thinner! 

Cone: Well because you are small on the bust area you may want to go for a underwire bikin to support that area and to make it flashy you should go with those cute ruffles at the bottom and all the stares will be on you.Also a bikini with push up is a good option,making your breast look a cup or two size biggers! Victoria's Secret has the best padded bikini's! 

Petite: A bandeau top wit a ring in the middle would be better than a regular bandeau because it creates more rounded shapes which gives the illusion of curves.

Tall:A two piece or any piece will work for you.You can go wil boy shorts or when wearing a one or two piece it would be cool and fresh to add sparkle feathers hows to the side Plus Size:Most girls feel insucure about this and they should not they should embrace it love it .You should wear a one piece a V pattern will embrace your curves And the important lesson:Each of you is different you dont need to change how u r for any thing And this is one important thing each of you is different embrace it you are beautiful like a

My Favorites

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March Favorites

My Favorites

Ombre Nails

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         How to get Ombre

Nail Trends / Color Trends

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Nail Trends:







Color Tends:


Mint Greens

Bright Red



A Quick GIY (Glam it Yourself)

Posted by Jordan on February 23, 2013 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (3)

1. Get eyeshadow clear nails polish and a bowl:lol:

2. Scrape the eyeshadow out and but it in a bowl:P

3.Pour the clear nails polish and mix with cotton swab:D

4. BOOM U hav UR own NAIL POLISH:)