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Winter jumper

Posted by ArtisticBiscuit on December 7, 2013 at 8:20 AM Comments comments (1)

I love winter you? They seem to be fashionable. The tackier the better. Are you wearing one this winter?

I'm yet to get a winter jumper but I wear a cardigan like this:

And then this made me laugh...horrible design of this jumper :

Womens Rings- The Most Beautiful Fashion Jewellery Gift For Women!

Posted by eric thomas on October 4, 2013 at 11:40 PM Comments comments (0)

If you are like me and have more then 100 girl friends, then youd be broke all year round trying to by birthday present to each and everyone, and you would also know you cant get the same present to two different girl or else they start joking on how you got it at buy one get one free shop. These days even nice scented candle or soap can cost more the 50 dollar. I found women fashion backpack is the wholly grail for birthday gifts. One you dont have to worry about size and most small items like womens rings are very affordable much better then scented candle as it is more though full and shows the girl friends you care. Lets face it theyll love it more as it would add option to their wardrobe.


So to share another secret with you, my favourite online store Purple Reign fashion accessories on this store seem to feature the latest in fashion jewellery and fashion accessories. They are very selective when and they only carry limited stock so I know my girlfriends wont be getting another present like it. The quality is far above it price you can actually get a stunning womens earrings that would normally cost 100 dollars for half or third of that price.


Ive also took the chance of perusing through their mens rings and mens cuffs and my man is now accessorised and fashionable of course it took little persuading to get him to wear a nice leather cuff with semi matching ring but when he did he loved it. And now he wants to get more. My next project is to get his ears pierced for I love Purple Reigns mens earrings collection.


So ladies if you are stressed about a gift for your girls and want a cool idea for a gift then look no further then Purple reigns fresh backpack, go to the womens wings category and pick me up oops meant to say pick here up a nice zirconia crystal earrings for he I meant me.

Denim Backpacks | Bow backpacks | Fashion Backpacks


Posted by Starexplosion81 on September 15, 2013 at 6:30 AM Comments comments (0)

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Cheapest and best way for smooth hair free legs!

Posted by Stefanie on August 20, 2013 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)

What you need:



  1. Depilatory Roll on Wax ~ You can get it on ebay for as low as $3.49
  2. A bowl
  3. Hot water

Wax Paper ( online or from a local store,perhaps pharmacies that sell beauty stuff)


  1. It's the same way you do bain marie, you warm water, place the roll on, wait 5 minutes. After 5 minutes you warm again the water and put it for more 5 minutes, total 10 minutes. Your wax is now warm.Keep the bowl close you you in case it gets cold.
  2. Roll the depilatory wax from knees to feet direction. Then place the waxing paper and remove from the opposite direction, from feet to knees. Really important to do that direction, otherwise you will bruise(personal experience).
  3. Repeat in each area twice just in case you're missing hair.
  4. Apply smoothing lotion If you want

It will last for approximately 3 weeks for hair to regrow. It's way better than razors since you pull off hair from the root so it takes longer for it to grow back. Also you don't make hair thicker like razors do. It's the best,cheapest method to remove hair instead of going to a beauty salloon and pay more than $20 to remove your hair! Also depilatory roll wax lasts for about 3 times AT LEAST.




Don't use it for armpits or bikini area! I don't recommend it.


Storenvy Update!

Posted by Stefanie on August 9, 2013 at 6:55 AM Comments comments (4)


Hello guys, remember when I told you about storenvy? This website is soo cool, I already have 37 sales in like 2 weeks? Well,that's right! 

I really recommend it to people interested to open their own store and sell handmade or other stuff! You don't risk losing money since I absolutely pay nothing on storenvy! No charges to list products,no charges when you sell, that's right! 

Also, your items are exposed to a platform/marketplace so all people could find them if your stuff are what they're looking for! If you have no sales the first week, don't worry.It took me a week to start selling but once I started, sales didn't stop coming. Everyday  I wake up to at least 2 orders which is awesome. It's like a job I could expand in the future and help me have an extra pocket money during school.

What my plans really are, when I hit 100 sales, I want to buy a storenvy theme, have a beautiful store and tidy, cause right now is kind of messy with the free theme I have from storenvy! 


  • Listing products is completely free
  • Your products are exposed to thousands of potential buyers
  • There's a "envy" option, sort like facebook like. And it helps spreading your products all around storenvy
  • Storenvy's Staff is really friendly and helpful,open to suggestions
  • Storenvy  Company is growing by days!
  • You can edit your shop and design it the way you want
  • One problem I experienced, is that when someone purchases something, there's a hard communication since you can only send them an email. There's not a message place! All through emails
  • Not very popular since it started like 2 years ago(I think?)
~Top Selling Product in my shop~
 Printed Tank top

Price: $7.99

I think I had over 30 sales on that one, most of my customers purchase this, I think I hit a good product! 
It's kind of a cute top, some designs are really adorable ^-^

Some other products I have on sale at the moment:
Love these shorts! :) Price: $16.99 (sale product) ! 

Dream Catcher Necklace: $3.99

Pretty Dress $22.99

I actually have tons of stuff for sale! :) If you have any questions or want to purchase something, let me know. Or If you have any questions about  storenvy and opening your own store in general! (which I highly recommend)

baby lips review

Posted by Starexplosion81 on July 30, 2013 at 9:00 PM Comments comments (3)

              Hey guys!

Here's a review on Baby Lips by Maybelline! You can purchase baby lips at a variety of drugstores, Ulta, or Amazon or Ebay. They are around $4.  Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The flavors they come in(including limited edition) are... Quenched, Peppermint, Pink Punch, Grapevine, Cherry Me, Melon Mania, Pink Wink, and Coral Crush.

            I have the peach kiss and it works quite well. It tints my lips a nice peach color, gives off a nice sparkle, and moisturizes fairly well. Baby Lips promises moisture for 8 hours but it doesn't tend to stay in that long... at the most about an hour or so. A great thing about baby lips is they have an SPF of 20 so it can help dry lips in the winter, and protect them from the sun in summer. Baby lips does have a smell that is quite accurate to the real deal. Baby lips help renew lips if you wear it for 4 weeks... I would say that the moisture is fairly noticable. The color itself is pretty vibrant and I think a couple of them are sparkly. 2 key ingredients in baby lips are vitamin E and aloe leaf extract which is great !In the end baby lips does result in smoother, softer, and more vibrant colored lips. 

A competitor with Baby Lips Is EOS lip balms, which stands for evolution of smooth. There is another review up on this webiste created by Kay which you can check out as well. EOS is a medicated lip balm that is sheer. It also has a scent but I prefer baby lips. If you choose to, you could use EOS to seal in baby lips.

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So overall I really recommend baby lips as a great lip care product. They are a little expensive but quite worth it. Maybelline always comes out with stunning flavors! They did a really, really, really nice job with baby lips!! Anyways, here ar some swatches.....

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Anyways.... Enjoy your baby lips!!!