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Storenvy Update!

Posted by Stefanie on August 9, 2013 at 6:55 AM


Hello guys, remember when I told you about storenvy? This website is soo cool, I already have 37 sales in like 2 weeks? Well,that's right! 

I really recommend it to people interested to open their own store and sell handmade or other stuff! You don't risk losing money since I absolutely pay nothing on storenvy! No charges to list products,no charges when you sell, that's right! 

Also, your items are exposed to a platform/marketplace so all people could find them if your stuff are what they're looking for! If you have no sales the first week, don't worry.It took me a week to start selling but once I started, sales didn't stop coming. Everyday  I wake up to at least 2 orders which is awesome. It's like a job I could expand in the future and help me have an extra pocket money during school.

What my plans really are, when I hit 100 sales, I want to buy a storenvy theme, have a beautiful store and tidy, cause right now is kind of messy with the free theme I have from storenvy! 


  • Listing products is completely free
  • Your products are exposed to thousands of potential buyers
  • There's a "envy" option, sort like facebook like. And it helps spreading your products all around storenvy
  • Storenvy's Staff is really friendly and helpful,open to suggestions
  • Storenvy  Company is growing by days!
  • You can edit your shop and design it the way you want
  • One problem I experienced, is that when someone purchases something, there's a hard communication since you can only send them an email. There's not a message place! All through emails
  • Not very popular since it started like 2 years ago(I think?)
~Top Selling Product in my shop~
 Printed Tank top

Price: $7.99

I think I had over 30 sales on that one, most of my customers purchase this, I think I hit a good product! 
It's kind of a cute top, some designs are really adorable ^-^

Some other products I have on sale at the moment:
Love these shorts! :) Price: $16.99 (sale product) ! 

Dream Catcher Necklace: $3.99

Pretty Dress $22.99

I actually have tons of stuff for sale! :) If you have any questions or want to purchase something, let me know. Or If you have any questions about  storenvy and opening your own store in general! (which I highly recommend)

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Reply Stefanie
11:56 AM on August 10, 2013 
I'm partnering with a wholesale company :)
Reply ArtisticBiscuit
7:27 PM on August 9, 2013 
It's not customers , it's how do you get the things to put on your storenvy to get the customers.
Reply Stefanie
4:44 PM on August 9, 2013 
ArtisticBiscuit says...
Yeah but how do you get products to sell in first place?

Customers come to you, ah, I had to wait a few days but eventually one after other purchase stuff! :D
Reply ArtisticBiscuit
12:52 PM on August 9, 2013 
Yeah but how do you get products to sell in first place?