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Food myths

Posted by Starexplosion81 on March 13, 2014 at 5:00 AM

Hey everyone!

I know they're a lot of food myths out there, and here is a tip to prove the most common ones wrong.


Myth: Organic food has more nutrients than the conventional kind.

Truth: Although buying organic might help the environment, there's really no difference.

Myth: Grilled chicken sandwiches beat burgers

Truth: Although grilled chicken seems healthier, it actually has a lot more calories. It can also be loaded with sodium, hence most restaurants inject it with seasalt to keep it moist.

Myth: Wheat is terrible

Truth: Wheat contains a lot of nutrients thats good for your daily diet, such as folate. Few gluten free products have such vitamin B, or in this case, folate.

Myth: Raw vegetables are best

Truth: There is absolutely no need to break your teeth eating carrots. In fact, cooking veggies can even increase nutrients. Cooking may also release other nutrients, such as in corn or carrots, the nutrients beta-carotene is released.

Myth: Brown eggs are better than white

Truth: Although they may look healthier, there's little difference between the 2 eggs, brown eggs just come from a different type of hen. Instead, spend your money on omega-3 eggs, which are much healthier.

Myth: Fruit can help you lose weight

Truth: Although fruits are healthy, loading up on them won't help-they still contain sugar and calories.


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