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Can you view my blog about fashion trends and advice and give me feedbacsk.

Anything from how to improve the content to how the look of it is.

It is alternate posting of fashion trend post and general advice.

I'm trying to create a blog that will help people in life and sharing different styles I enjoy.

I also illustrate all my posts or create a quote myself online for the advice section such as these:

Any comment to help improve will help....oh and I will in future do posts on male fashion.


Art is life and my life is art! p.s. I'm also artistic-biscuit on Polyvore. Follow me and I'd follow you.

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great art, stefanie!! :)

U have improved a lot since the last time I saw your drawings! good luck with it


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Stefanie! Long time no talk!


You'll never forget the face of the person who is your last hope.


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The blog is now having a magazine added called KS. 

I learnt a lot about drawing in my foundation art course I did 2 years ago. and then just practised from there. 

If you ever have an item of clothing you need help styling I can do a blog post about it. 

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