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Ok everyone, quite long ago, we started a magazine called Sequin, which was between myself, Art, and Stefanie. Recently, she hasn't been active, and we had fallen back on writing, with just 2 people doing articles, and Art with the design. We need help, so if you;re reading this, than it would be kind to help us out, p.m either Art or I and we'll send you the password, just remember to be active.

Anyways, we're starting the Spring issue.

Half the posts should be from some tip accounts, as it's more convenient. We also have article from issues yet to publish, such as the Winter or Halloween one.

Maybe we could take an example from actual magazines?


I was thinking these could be some articles, red=done:

Boho+DIY flower crown and studded glasses

3 spring outfits

DIY Beach Bag+Essentials

Beauty Uses for Olive Oil

Uses for mason jars


Keep adding!


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