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  I will make a contest that whoever gets the most points till the end of summer, gets a $100 online voucher for a website! I should be making a list on how to get points so that will encourage you to be more active on this website and  get a reward :) 

For example maybe every week, make a challenge like a drawing contest (since not all of you are into drawing, the contest should not be definitely a drawing one to give all of you the opportunity to show your skills.

Week 2: Maybe something like whoever posts the best outfit(take a picture of yourself with clothes or a picture of clothes only).

Week 3: Fashion/Beauty Article

I will make a forum or something asking for suggestions ! :)

And so on.. 

And in between in the whole challenge there will be some bonus points on:

  • Whoever posts the most forum entries(not spamming around though pointless stuff) could reward 2 people
  • Best 3 bloggers(that post on blog section)
And I will have to work on it, at least in a few weeks it will be posted! :) 

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This sounds like a good idea!! I'm sure traffic on the site would increase greatly. If you need any help on ideas let me know and I can help you brainstorm.


All my love, Marisa

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The contest was posted! :) I need at least 20+ people to join ^_^

Guys,fill the form If you're interested to participate! 


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Maybe post this contest on other sites to draw more participants...?

I wonder what the challenges will be hmm.


Art is life and my life is art! p.s. I'm also artistic-biscuit on Polyvore. Follow me and I'd follow you.

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