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White for summer!

Posted by Stefanie on May 2, 2013 at 10:35 AM

 By far one of my favorite colors whether it’s eggshell, champagne, magnolia, ivory, or meringue, white is taking over. Lately,I've been buying a lot of white blouses. I'm actually in love with the contrast it makes in summer with tanned skin and since the sun is too hot in Cyprus white clothes don't absorb sun like dark colors.

 It's also so delicate and gives a feminime touch to your outfits. I personally find it really attractive, such an innocent color. There's also that hot trend this year combining black and white. Well,personally it's an okay trend, I have an off-shoulser blouse but white itself is more than perfect! 

Here are some inspirational photos! 

As you see, If you get a little bit tanned, it makes it stand out even more which is also a reason that I like white! What do you think about it? Do you like white clothes or is it boring for you? Of course If you like more complicating things other than simple outfits you could add colorful accessories,giving a fun touch to your outfit, it's totally up to you! Which color do you think is the most ideal in summer-spring 13' ? 

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Reply ArtisticBiscuit
10:29 PM on May 4, 2013 
I like cream colour better on myself. As I have weird golden/mousey blonde hair. White can make it look greener.
Something like this skirt is awesome and pretty in my opinion:
Reply Stefanie
3:34 AM on May 3, 2013 
@artistic Yeah I totally get you, especially white bottoms. YOu sit and you're in trouble with laundry. That's why I prefer wearing white tops mostly ! :) And maybe a white dress in some formal occassions
Reply ArtisticBiscuit
4:42 PM on May 2, 2013 
I find wearing white gets grass stains more than other colours to sit on. But it is cooler. I would wear a white top with another colour bottoms for say having a picnic.