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Hey guys, I will be posting your questions with answers right here. Check out this link by clicking here and post a question. ;D I promise I won't late to respond.

About me

  1. What is your polyvore?

    It's stefanieeee obviously. Click here to check out my profile

  2. What is your polyvore group called?

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How to's on the site

  1. How do we add a picture in forums?

    Go on tinypic, upload the picture there . And then copy image location.
    And then paste the link from the picture! 

  2. How do we post a picture from our computer?

    Firstly go to

    Here's the site ^

    Upload the picture you want and enter the code to upload

    3rd step:

    Copy image location and then paste it in forums :3 

  3. What inspired you to create this website?

    I actually wanted to create a site cause it sounds fun and it is. And with webs, it's really easy ! ;D Also, I have to give some  credits to Mallory aka lolitahaze that made the first site related to girlsense, and her site gave me the idea. And thanks Mallory :3 

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