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I just want to know what others think of this site.

If you'd be so kind to answer these questions to help improve thie site I'd be so happy.

1- What do you like most on here?

2-What makes you not be very active?

3-Is the layout/title appealing to you?

3A-if you said no how would you improve it?

4-How can we get more members/more people using the features?

5-Are the magazine issues great to read?

6-Any other features you can think of to add?

7-Why did you join?

8-Are the blog posts interesting to read?

9-How did you find out about this site?

10-Rate this site out of ten (do not rate it based on how active it is, rate it on the content and features provided).

Hope this gives me an admin a good idea how to improve the website for new people to join.


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1.) I like to read the blog posts the most on here. I read fun and interesting things on them. 2.) If I am not on the site, I am usually on Polyvore. 3.) The layout/title is appealing to me. It is easy to navigate around the site very easily. 4.) We can get more members by advertising. 5.) The magazines are fun to read and really explain things easily. I enjoy them a lot. 6.) I can't really  think of any features to add but maybe later something with jump into my brain! 7.) I joined this site because I like fashion and have heard of how awesome this site has been a while back. 8.)The blog posts are amazing and so easy to understand. I love them! 9.) I think I found out about this site through Artistic Biscuit but I am not really sure. It might have been and advertisment on a fashion site too. 10.) I would give this site a nine out of ten. This site is pretty cool! :) 



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1. It's great how this website is a whole community that welcomes any style etc.

2. Well, if no one posts in a long time, or replies, than I don't exactly feel the need to post. Also, school is in the way... and family matters....

3. I love the layout, it's very accessible and easy to get around. I don't know why someone changed the color of the bars... I liked the green better :3

4. We really need to advertise on our polyvores and other sites we're on, starting with Lolitahaze, it could be like a post for a post, both sites helping each other stay active.

5. LOVE THEM! They're bringing a lot of attention and activeness to the site.... We need to keep them going at a consistent pace.

6. Well, maybe more decorations and changes, as the site usually stays the same....

7. I have a passion for fashion, and I thought this site would be a really good way to express that.

8. Very, we just need to keep them going.

9. I actually found out about this site from LolitaHaze, however, I think that I like this site better.... Too many cliques that ignore the rest of us.

10. I agree with K.G, 9/10, we just need to keep working!!!!


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Yeah, I liked the green better too, although the blue is alright. 



"We've guns hidden under our petticoats.We're never gonna quit it, no, we're never gonna quit it, no..."-The 1975, Chocolate

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