This site is dedicated to fashion lovers :) Feel free to join!

 Hello darlings,

Did you know that you can write your own blog entries?

Everyone could do that! Do it like a blogger, write description,paragraphs talk about fashion or something you might find interesting . Share your thoughts, let it all go out. Also don't forget to post pictures, post the image url. 

When you're done with your blog entry, I will edit it for you, correct your grammar mistakes and add some pictures If you haven't already! You could write about everything,fashion community would love to read them. 

 Some ideas about what to write about are:

  • Post fashion & crafts DIY tutorials etc.
  • Fashion News/Trends journalist 
  • Post Outfit of the Day (With descriptions)
  • Products reviews
  • Someone to run a page as blog, make posts a few times a week. 
  • Anything that's fashion-related
  • Your holidays, just take a camera, take a lot of photos and share your thoughts.
Actually it's about anything of your choice. If I find it inappropriate I will let you know.